Grrrrrr.....Why Can't I Get My Core On???

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

This was a lady, a mum, who has had surgery and has had accidents.

First let see what you are using instead of your core..... You are : 1. Holding breath 2. Locking jaw 3. Arching back 4. Going very very very red in the face.

So of course at various classes she has been told... ' stop holding your breath, stop arching your back, stop gritting your teeth'

I'm sorry stopping the above '4' is about as easy as stopping your heart....the body has had to do the '4' above because so much that should be working is not working. The body can now only use what is working.

Firstly, this didn't happen all at once or over night, it was gradual, the earlier history to he body caused initial compensations, the body needed to adapt and protect itself.

Secondly, in becoming a mum the body naturally has to adapt and compensate to have the child, but the delivery was difficult, and this is not the first delivery.

An earlier perineum tear A large earlier child impacting on the cervix Then the necessity of a caesarian requiring the cutting of the abdomen, these are stresses and the body has to deal with it.

Essentially there is too much happening to this ladies body and the body was failing with many many structures, too many stresses and the body prioritised. Its not as if everything goes off, but enough to make you feel as if you have lost connection.

So its not about getting the core on, that's too simple, its about what turned it off, and what is keeping it off.

The history to the body turned it off, but the survival systems are keeping it off.

The first step was to get the survival systems to reset The second step is to systematically get all the structural components to come back on in a hierarchy. Thus, joint, ligament, tendon, muscle and facia, all have to be doing their job.

Overlap therapies, overlap protocols, its not about one thing, so don't do just one thing. Kinesiology, Neurokinetic therapy, Neuro-organisational technique, Applied physiology, anatomy in motion, brain integration, and emotional work.

Know your anatomy, know your physiology, but know patterns.

For this lady Its all very good to get things to work , but that body must work as a one. That body has created some very poor movement patterns, these must be replaced with better ones. Its like going to a dentist, or learning something new , you must practice, you must practice to stay better. But more practice makes you better and better and better

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