Let's Regain Your Mobility and Posture

I now offer online / virtual consultations for those that cannot visit me in person and will do my best to work with your availability and timezone.

Online consultations are a minimum of 40mins (longer on request) for the first consultation in which I will access your concerns and do a full diagnostic check. From there we will book your follow up sessions and work through your treatment protocols and exercises to do at home.


40mins = $50

60mins = $70

90mins = $100

Payment through bank transfer (Australia) and PayPal (outside Australia). Full payment is due at the end of the session.

Online / virtual consultations are delivered on zoom or google hangouts.

For more information please call



Firstly a Personalised Mobility Assessment

This is a Video from You and we get a  Visual Assessment

The posture and its walking pattern should be natural and easy.
Yet if forces are not balanced or even the body cannot express itself correctly and too its full potential, it looks uncomfortable and painful.
Both posture and the walk are excellent indicators of trouble, which will manifest into the client in multitudes of symptoms.


Secondly Corrective Exercises

The body has patterns and it has rules within these patterns. When posture is out or movements are not as good as they should be then the patterns need to be reset.

Thankfully the body patterns follow rules, so in this session we recreate the better patterns by reintroducing the