What About My Thyroid

Can You Help Me?

Can I make a difference and be able to work on it myself?

Many clients come with this as one of many symptoms

'oh yeah, and I have a thyroid issue'

Firstly thyroid issues are common Secondly, the thyroid is called a reactive structure, meaning that it will participate and respond to virtually all other endocrine systems.

Thirdly, its in your throat, below a very heavy and important structure, your head

Its hormone acts at the cell and alters cellular function associated with metabolic rate. But so does getting cold, having your period, sitting in an exam, doing any exercise, or watching television.

Essentially if your body is under any physiological stress it needs to respond. Yet accidents, falls, surgeries, scars all put you in stress, if you stay in stress then the poor old thyroid is being influenced.

So the thyroid could be under active (hypo thyroidism), over active (hyperthyroidism) or itself being beaten up by the immune system ( Hashimoto thyroiditis and Graves) .

Of course we could deal with it as an entity on its own. Medication, improve out diet, or surgery.

Yet i consider where it sits and who surrounds it, and what stresses is the body still running. Obviously the thyroid sits in the throat, hyoid, larynx and jaw above, cervical spine behind, collar bone below.

I check head trauma, for cervical compression, jaw, hyoid alignment, forward head, rounded shoulders, or even just one shoulder problem. Any of these issues produce structural stress. We don't want neural or vascular compression where information to that thyroid is influenced. Yet as i have suggested, any stress structurally on the body will cause a heightened adrenal response which will act on the thyroid.

In saying all of this, is it just one thing, it just can't be, the thyroid is so reactive essentially a sneeze will create a minor butterfly effect to the thyroid.

So what do I do.

Test the body structurally and globally for what are not doing their jobs fully. Don't worry about those that are working properly Get the body to recognise that their is a huge problem. Upset the adrenals, the immune, the reproductive and the sleeping systems. Get the body out of the survival response so it will instigate a reversal of change.

Now the body will create a hierarchy of change.

One step a time, but get the body out of stress and stress and stress. Begin structurally but implement physiological, emotional change, and also improve thinking competence too.

But I get asked " how do you do this"

Know your anatomy, know your physiology, but use therapies that act through these. Applied physiology, kinesiology, neurokinetic therapy, neuro-organisational technique, anatomy in motion, stress indicator systems, brain integration.

Give sensible total body movement exercises to maximise total body space, improve your diet, meditate, do your yoga.

Its never about one thing, you don't go to school just to do sport, or have just one friend or work on just one chakra or do just one stretch.

Don't do just one thing do more, do lots, think in changes think as much as you can!!

Have a go at this total body re-patterning exercise

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