Total Doggy Integration

""Holy Shxx Josie is so much better today!!   And the rest of us have so much energy..... Wow and thank you so much"

The other week I ran a drop-in mobility and walking class. Lots of clients came, kids too but they could bring their dogs as it is a dog friendly park and the dogs can be dogs and play together as I go through our class.

Dogs are vertebrates just like us, thus they have joints, muscles and fascia that are responsible for movement. Animals that are vertebrates can be worked on with Total Body Integration

So when I work on pets I can use some of the techniques I use on humans but adapt them for their pets.

This was the original message form one of the ladies at the class.

“Hi David,  We want to thank you for helping us today,  we have decided to make this our last week with Josie,  we will give her lots of massage,  ice cream,  swims and love... Thank you for your help, I know you were very busy and we appreciate you taking the time to help us.  She means so much to the boys and seeing her in so much pain, really hurts, it was an emotional night.  The boys and I also felt really good after the class today, great to see such a great turn out”

Then next morning

"Holy Shit Josie is so much better today!!   And the rest of us have so much energy..... Wow and thank you so much"

It just needed some time.

The work needed to be integrate into the body.

For Josie

The dogs joints were compressed, where everywhere. Dogs like us have accidents and the body went into protection.

From head cranials down to claws, some muscles were tight and overactive and others were deactivated so the joints wouldn’t have to move.

The feet were tender like us when some people have planter fasciitis or others sore , hot and swollen.

As with us when we can’t move and we are stiff, tight ache and grumpy. We have emotions attached to our limited body.

But if we clear sites of compression, activate underactive muscles and tune down the tight and overactive. We calm. But if we give the body better movements, better mobility options, we feel different and in a better way.

That’s what happened over night to Josie. She gets up and does dog stuff, she moves, she moves better and better and better….and is a happy dog.

This is what we all want…be able to move, in a better way, and not in a way that is painful and limiting.

note....This is Desmond, my dog, and how I work on a pet.










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