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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

......Osgood Schlatter and Sever's Disease....

A disease, that 's not fun. For a kid, pain is one thing, not being able to do something that you love is crushing, then being told “you have a disease...” its sounds so final.

So I simply ask..."where does it hurt, where is the pain"...ahhhh, thats easy its at the knees and at the heels.

Kids just don't stop, they are little live wires and they run everywhere, thats what they are designed to do, be little energiser bunnies and go flat out.

But pain is an indicator, something is not something a name doesn't fix it, but it does give an idea that something is out of balance at that site of pain

The skeleto-musculature system works by opposable forces moving structure. But there are lots of muscles and lots of bones, thus heaps of possibilities to make it move.

With these two children the better way isn't available. Muscles have been turned off, its now like the wheels are unaligned. Movement is still possible but other structures now have to upskill themselves. For these two, powerful tendons stabilised that body, the problem is that tendon attaches to bone and the pain is at the interface of the bone and the tendon.

Knee Pain Client The knee is part of the leg, this client had muscles asleep from the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, shins, toes. Thats a lot of muscles not doing their job. In getting to come back on and participate immediately took this young lady out of pain. The patellar tendon could do just its job and not overwork in trying to stabilise that leg.

Heel Pain Client. For this client the achilles tendon was over working at the heel, the force it applied to the rear of the foot was not balanced out by the muscles forward of the heel. No toe lifting at the shin, no full articulation of the ankle, as well as the hamstrings, quadriceps and the glutes were incomplete in their action.

Again, in getting all muscles to do their jobs, now the achilles can go back to doing its own job, but only its job. No more whinging...

Where did this all arise will be kids, they experience life and they have accidents. But in having accidents, the body has to protect itself, and it has to repair. Never think that "everything is Ok' It usually is not.

In life we all have accidents but these begin early in our life. 

So, one Its best to clear all of them.

Secondly movement patterns need to be re-built, wrong is wrong. Good patterns do not generate pain so something that is better than the ones that created all that grief.  Kids love to run or they should, if it isn't fun, and it hurts something is wrong!!!

" I Felt Great Today" You telling me, that Im feeling better and better because the more the blockages clear the better my body works, I felt great in the water today. I'm getting to my feet like I am a 30 year old again...and its my 54 birthday"

A Client came suggesting " I'm a Difficult Case"

You're human, you are not an octopus, your body genetically is essentially the same as mine, it follows the same rules the same rules as mine....

The genetic codes purpose built that body, but its in the code also to protects itself. In protecting itself, it shuts you out and that is the problem

The client wants to be better, but to be fully better takes time and is relative to what they want, and what the body can give them. The clients responsibility is to keep maintaining better habits....thats all, the body will do the rest.

This client was a male, and full of 'vim and bravado' Yet not a youngster anymore, the body was letting him down.

His passion of surfing of running of just being a full on 'lad' was his nemesis.

A farmers boy, played heaps of sport, rode bikes, had a series of car accidents, and some serious work accidents.

The accidents added up, and for each accident the body needed to compensate. Did the body ask permission, nope, did it tell the client what it was going to do, nope.

But sooner or later, the client starts to feel the effects

The compensations happen at muscle, at joint, at the fascia.....yes they are structure, but they are tissue, made up of cells, which are all chemical built, chemically and neurologically controlled, by what? That brain, the bits you do not have access to.

On all levels the body has been influenced, but it stays there, controlled by what, that brain that you do not have access too

So in saying or giving a name to osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis or Pagets or you have a thyroid issue is over simplifying things.

It came from somewhere, yes it's genetic, but something triggered it, and something is keeping it there. So, deal with both.

None of you had it at the beginning, if the body is seriously non-viable before birth most of the time the baby will not reach full term.

You are a creation of your genetic make-uo and the environment and experiences this body undergoes.....if you beat it up, it will over protect itself and you age very quickly.

1. With this chap, again as usual, gather the history that this body has undergone. 2. Get the body to recognise that the survival systems are in over protection. Too many physical structures do not work, 3. Allow the body to create a hierarchy of need. Deal with this first, then this, then this....reset the body physical structures back and get the whole team back on the paddock. 4. Give the body something better than what it has been doing.....give re-patterning mobility work, this is team work. Everyone playing together as “one”

Clients responsibility is to reteach the body. Every day as much as possible, don't treat it as an exercise, learning a new language doesn't happen over night, just be patient and you will get better at it.

Getting better is a life time processss. If your body is not working well, then getting better is one step at a time...

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