Symptoms Arise From Some Postural Deficits

Carpal Tunnel Tachycardia Thoracic Outlet Syndrome All of these I saw in one working week.

But for me the posture of the client is a giveaway Walking is too

If the body has created a poor posture and a poor walk then forces at the joints can be wrong, but what attaches to those joints and moves them are the muscles.

So there are also incorrect muscles and this also suggest the fascia will have some irregualties as well

Because of the errors then what can happen is compression at the nerve.

Th epurpose of the nerve is to send data out to structures and back to the brain

But if the nerve is compressed then data doesnt head back and forth as it should.

Distant structures which can be hands, feet, heart, lung, eyes and then inside that brain, are basically wrong

Anyway I had hearing, sight, heart, hands and feet, elbows knees back neck adn shoulder stuff all cranky this week

Understand ....its never about just one thing. That body of yours' works as a team, but often the whole team is not working as a good team, and so often half the team is off the field. Deal with the weak, deal with the whinging, use pain and symptoms as breadcrumbs to the cause……sss

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