Surfers Ear

A recent client came with this as one of many symptoms....

Back at Uni, in Biophysics and in Neurophysiology we used to talk about a little rule the body follows, its called Wolf's Law, and our body uses it all the time.

Your body will deposit cellular bone at sites of load, or it will do the opposite if lesser load is present

Space flight and astronauts suffer loss due to no gravity. Knee growths as in Kids and knee pain can happen, called Osgood Schlatters Disease, Severs and the feet too with kids. Spurs occur too, in the feet, shoulder and spine.

For me, I'm always thinking something is wrong, too much force somewhere, the body is adapting, bone growth is up as a local muscle force is not balanced!!

With a surfer's ear, exostosis occurs. Bone growth from the temporal bone into the auditory canal happens. Why, what's not working properly.

1. "lets test for concussion, whiplash, and jaw issues" Have you had a few head knocks.... I surf, of course I have

Sorry bud, your whole head is being supported by that jaw, the cranial plates at the back of the head, and internally by that palate.

The forces to lock that head down were huge, think of you crushing your hand into a fist. Now thats that with your jaw and you'll bite someones fingers off.

Answer 1...your body will oppose that force.

2. But you are in the water, and cold surfers have 75% higher incidence of exostosis than warm water.

Its cold, you grit your jaw more, all the cranial plates, and the palate upgrade their buttressing effects...again your body will adapt. Its a spur but in your ear!!

So what did we do. Cleared the concussion, cleared the whiplash, balanced up the jaw so it was doing its job only.

Essentially we reset the whole body and made sure it was mechanically doing its job correctly.

Then daily maintenance needed to performed. Exercises as per usual. 1. Morning ritual mobility and sequencing work. 2. Then a specific exercise for the ear to jaw to palate, to rectify that force disparity 3. Find out. As bout Sole Water: it will supercharge your electrolyte buffering response and make the spur the bad guy...

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