Stroke and Neuroplasticity

Yes, we certainly can make a difference

My client rang me How are you feeling now? “I’m the best I have ever been, more alert, and so much more co-ordinated, I’ve gained so much”

What we did was first, to use what was working to upgrade its own abilities. We then we’re very specific, we re-coordinated what was good to be better, then we fed that better pattern into the movement patterns of what was weak, or what has been uncoordinated.

We reset and then upgraded one by one all the primitive patterns

We then could assimilate that into more complex patterns and upgraded them into the fundamental patterns

The lights the connections are now beginning to come on and that brain begins it’s reward system, a program that is the beginning of neuroplasticity…it rewires itself not just the brain but the peripheral patterns.

We now cleared any cranial structural issues Reset high order and important reflexes, the vestibular ocular reflexes first to the breath and then to the planar movements patterns.

Again the reward system kicks in…the client feels it, breath slows emotions change.

We reset the larger motor patterns to the fundamental patterns

So better somatic patterns and rewake the side to side pandiculatory patterns

All this was on the table

Off the table with a load on the feet the body we reset the fundamental patterns and again used what was working well to reactivate those structures that were asleep.

Now again we upgraded what was now on to access into the brain

Brain competence influences mobility but the converse is also true….access the brain through improved movement

The body the brain only wants to get better not worse…there is no quick fix but systematic upgrading can make a huge difference.

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