Snoring and Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

These last two weeks 3 clients came with sleep apnea or serious snoring as "one" of their many symptoms.

There are two visual types of can see it in posture and their walking.

Type one...its in your posture 1. Bend your arms at your elbows, now pull them back until you can feel it in your throat 2. Now tilt your head back and try to to push you chin can't you will feel as if your gagging Type two .... its in your face 1. Look down hard 2. Try to push your chin forward and can't, you will feel it in your throat and you will gag.

The problem arises when we go to bed. The head tilts back and the weight of the head raises the pressure on the posterior skull, so the body adapts to lower the pressure, it subtly tilts the head further back, now we have increased pressure on the throat, and palate.

I get the typical response. " i use a good pillow, or Im on a ventilator for this" They are bandaids...

When your standing this isn't a problem as the head is being supported in a vertical way, but from the front line and the back line, and yes the person is conscious. The body adapts as does the person.

All these clients had a challenged posture, all had a history of accidents, and when testing for a concussion and a whiplash, yep that was a positive. So the body responded to protect itself. It adapted to hold the head on, but its different its not the best remedy.

Jaw stepped up, recessed into its joint and the hyoid in the throat pulled up towards the jaw. Eyes downcast, cheek bones locked down. Shoulders rolled forward, created a kyphosis, normal head support is off so is falling forward, but held with a guy rope anchored at the back of the head.

So where was the culprit of the apnea... 1...all the head, check the freedom of the 'ALL' 22 cranial bones, but their will be huge issues at the posterior occipital/mastoid/ occipital protrusion then the 43 muscles, especially in the throat, the hyoid muscles and its tendon attachments. 2. then check the cervical and thoracic spine, both shoulders and the arms all the way to the fingers..

A heavy troubled head having to be supported differently than what is best.

For me it isn't about trying to be clever and find the single culprit, there will be many many many relationships, so do the lot

It was about all the above, test to see if they were able to do their job on their own, or not, then were they able to work together as a local team. Then can the whole body work as one, a good team. A better team than before.

In summary test for who is not working, find why they are not working and get them back into the game, reteach how everyone plays together as one.

Home work....terrible word, but treat your body as a team, and continually check in with your body, that it is playing for you.....this is not exercise, this is good habits. Do not take it for granted as to keep the body out of "Chaos" mindful effort has to be continuously performed.

But the analogy is like playing tennis. Of course you want the best racquet you can afford, new balls, right clothes and also taught well, but if you want to play and get better and better at it, practice and practice a lot. If you want to play at a high level, practice for fun as if it’s a game all day. You teach the body to become better because like the prodigal son, it lost its way a champion not “I’m a just a social player” #snoring #kyphosis #apnea #busselton

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