I Hate the Concept of Scoliosis.

....Every week I get clients with this malady and they are so disappointed, frustrated, they want an answer, but I have this chat with them.

Saying someone has scoliosis because they have a bent spine is like telling someone they have 'John'. Its totally inadequate. You are much more than just 'John" and a person with scoliosis is more than just a spine. It is more interesting and it is more involved.

Look closer at this person and you will see issues everywhere, because scoliosis is everywhere.

Look at the face, there is a slight change in symmetry. In the eyes, the nose, the cheek bones, jaw, and every vertebrae of the body.... Watch them walk, there is an unevenness everywhere. Go to lower levels and you can see a changes in all 3 dimensions.

There is a vertical tilt, a slight rotation and lateral tilt.

Is the origin genetic, yes but name one thing of your body that is not a genetic result.

Firstly you are not an octopus, your genetic information is near identical to mine. Secondly something causes everything that is you, things just don't just happen.

You ever watch a tree in the wind, it bends away from the wind. Its being pushed by the wind. There is unequal pushing to pulling

With a person that has scoliosis muscles do this, but muscles pull. But they pull on the skeleton. Muscles either work, or there is something wrong. With scoliosis there is heaps wrong. Muscles and joints all over the body are switched off, so now there is unequal forces but you are 3D and so there is twisting, rotating and tilting.

The body did this to itself....and its wrong, very wrong. The problem is it is genetically controlled, and to change genetics thats above my pay grade..

Two things have to be done. Firstly, is there anything that you go out of your way to do badly, as badly as you can.....ahhhh certainly not. I you did, you wouldn't exist long. You would die. So you learn to do things better.

The thing is your body is self destructing if it keeps doing the above to you, you will get we have to get the body to learn that it is WRONG and over write the self destruct. Make it fail, not once but will see that there is too many fails. It will default.

Once this is recognised, we can systematically reset and get stuff not working properly, and to begin to do their jobs correctly, once that happens forces will equilibrate. But that is not enough!!!

Secondly, all movements of that skeleton, and all muscles, and all joints, and the total fascial must be resequenced back to normality or into patterns that are more correct. So give the body better patterns or better habits of mobility. Get the body to follow its own rules, and yes it has them.

But where do we do this....every where. The great thing is the body like you loves to do things correctly or better. The body also follows rules There is a hierarchy of importance Everything is connected. For a muscle or patterns to activate, others must deactivate.

In summary the body heals itself and it resets itself. Your job, look after it with good habits, when as much as possible, like all day.....

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