School Difficulties

Handwriting...Drawing, Focussing

Kids and school... School can be tough because we always think or we are told....just work harder.

well, receiving this, just made my day! "and then he was sitting there saying come on mum lets get my homework out the way (normally kicking and screaming to avoid) and he did the most beautiful handwriting he has ever done and then did a few lines of really tricky maths- more then double what he could normally cope, I was so happy!!!!"

How Cool is that!!!!!

Think like this Imagine you are at school and you have a pencil case and all the pencils need a good sharpen!! But you don't have a pencil sharpener, and you are not allowed to borrow....your drawings are just not going to be as good as the kids with perfect pencils.

Now change your thinking about how your body works....what happens if due to no fault of yours'. Your body is not co-ordinated properly, it did not teach itself to co-ordinate well. Your drawings will not he as good as they should be...worse your handwriting. So you get told to practice and practice.....practice will not sharpen your blunt pencils....we need to sharpen them

You assume your body sets it self does but for some it could be better....I'm a neurophysiologist, a biophysicist and a kinesiologist, and I taught....well I tell you now, it does not always teach itself properly in its setting up

Primitive patterns assimilate into more complex patterns, into much more complex patterns, sit, crawl, walk, run....but hiccups can happen. Then you get trouble...poor handwriting, gangly kids, totally uncoordinated kids....I hope this makes you think

What did we do...start again, that's all, but in an accelerated way, find anything that is not working, reboot, reset and reinstall, better is play, it is fun and the body learns again, and really really quickly, it was designed to do can see how quickly it learns.

Bingo, on is on,.... its now just play to get better, but your body assimilates correctly this time. Be patient be disciplined.....thats why we have parents, thats why we become parents....its wonderful to see the joy, the smiles, the tears of happiness

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