Scars Add Up

Internal Scars with Multiple External Scars

Lots of people have scars but their influences can be severe.

For one client: Headaches For another : a very jammed hip Another: endometriosis and digestive issues And another: a contorted posture And Lastly : a scoliotic spine

For all of these cases it was a scar placed over the top of another scar, generating a double whammy, but the influence was huge.

Scars literaly can throw a spanner in the works of your neurological patterns. When a scar heals we assume it will heal correctly but if it doesn't the skin has lost some of its integrity.

But underneath the muscles try to contract or move through it, but if it can't then your body has to do something slightly different than what is best. It changes your movements, it changes you posture.

What happens if you have multiple scars!!

Your movement patterns become very obviously wrong. Understand movement is not just an external thing, you have internal movements, digestive, reproductive, urinary

So we have to clear the scarring, not surgically that will produce another scar, you have to get the body to correct itself... but you have to get to it.

So what about these clients! In one case in an infected mosquito bite, created an over enthusiastic immune response, this scar devastated this individual, because there was already a substantial scar present from a caesarian, and it didn't heal correctly

See, we have a wound, but what the mosquito or bee injects with the sting causes the problem. Anaphylaxis, encephalitis are both immune and physiological responses to these. A Caesarian scar, an epidural, a episiotomy all can cause trouble to skin integrity. Belly button piercings for some people with a personal reactive metal can cause havoc.

Another client had a scar from breast augmentation, but that didn't go well and then a tattoo was used to cover this scar, oops the body responded can see it in these examples, of over zealous immune responses, the body is not happy structurally and physiologically

So in covering up the scars from a breast operation, the scar on-top of another scar turned off the core, but that wasn't all.

The body moved away from this sore point and influenced local muscles on her abdominals but it carried up the kinetic chains and influenced the support of her head and she got headaches. So she had multiple symptoms, one being the inflammation, the other headaches, but why inflamed.

A tattoo uses ink, is the ink really inert? So what is the source of the colours? They have to come from some-where, the plastic industry, or the automotive thus car paints, or maybe textiles. No one grounds up flowers and uses their colours. So essentially polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, azo dyes, maybe heavy metals and then there is used preservatives. Wearing rubber gloves and cleaning the equipment and maintaining proper hygiene is good practice but knowing what is going into the body should be questioned. If its not safe on the skin, it certainly shouldn't go into it. We are so aware and question what goes into cosmetics, suntanning lotions and foods. So we should worry we have to ask the artist and we have to question the origin of regulatory bodies.

Three clients had internal scars from other issues, peristalsis of the digestive tract was effected in one, and scarring from endometriosis also restricted the internal and external body movements, and a ureter infection as a boy with a later external investigation were linked..

Finally an infection in Bali created digestive scarring from too much toilet responses, but an earlier external appendix scar was now linked.

So the body shifted left and backwards into the joints of the lower back...huge pain, and a massive change in posture, they were buckled down and left.

The influence is on all levels of internal and external fascia, internal smooth muscle, external jointing, external muscluture. But it impacts on so much sure the structural, but also the physiology, the digestive, the reproductive, thus "my headaches at my period", "It burns to go to the toilet", 'sleep is crap"

Anyway I use good protocols like NKT and NOT, to find what does not work, what is responsible and get muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia to do their jobs. But for things like the immune system they have to be strengthened too in regard to the compounds or the puncture. Pathogen or toxic compound, treat for both. Applied physiology, Kinesiology, and AK are my attack weapons of repair and assimilation. But for all it is imperative to make the client as structurally, and physiologically competent as possible.

Remember things like a tattoo and it’s compounds are not going away and were designed not too. So the body has to be as to be as strong structurally and physiologically as it can be, day to day to day. So it was 'please listen, I get things to work again but you are responsible of keeping it there and getting that body to work better and better and better each day" #scars #implants #caesarian #migraines #busselton #NeuroScience #neurophysiology #kinesiology #appliedphysiology

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