Tell me about that Scar...

Scars can appear to be just on the surface and superficial, but scarring goes through layers thus it goes deeper and can link across the whole surface skin layers and across time, from your past, now and into your future.

This week I had fascinating cases.

A client who was vacuum assisted, this applied force scarred his upper cranial skin, instigated a stress response, life events ....martial arts, broken nose, car and bike accidents, result and major concern was continual back pain, 'yeah but you have a serious unresolved scoliosis" Feet turned out, knock knees. The flow on was evident in his whole body.

Two clients with Chrones. First client a forcep delivery on the sphenoid (scarring on both sides) and a big 'I was dropped on my head when i was little" this was a vertical drop. The sphenoid scar and the upper cranial scar were linked, but later surgery for appendix, and a major Crohnes operation. The client demonstrated lack of core and lack of pelvic floor. His body was using the abdominal scar, it healed badly or incorrectly and was attached to the peritoneum. The head couldn't lift properly and the core couldn't support. The scars had their own agenda and would allow correct body movements. But he didn't come for that he came for a sore big toe, it was suggested he had gout, a recent cut to the foot, to the lower pad of the big toe produced a scar and over zealous immune response to heal. All were linked but it was over time, though the major site of pain was the toe, it was screaming, it was working way above its pay grade..... The order of correction is important, its not about the 'squeaky wheel'

The second Chrones also had history, bad stuff doesn't just happen. Also a challenged birth, a long labour, a head hammering itself against an undilated cervix....a non visual scar but on a delicate thin layer on a baby who has highly mobile joints. The right side cranial scar was linked to the sagittal suture. Then a young baby sitter excited and over zealous 'dropped me, on my head. Chrones, endometriosis, children, perineum scars, caesarian, epidural... Chrones operation, and a hysterectomy. This ladies body was tense, it was tight, becoming more emotional, no core, no pelvic floor, sore feet, tight calves and 'Im beginning to forget things" Jaw doing all the work at the head, and feet doing all the work from the lower levels. She came about "why am I so tight, why do I feel so emotional and foggy in the head"

Another client, an elderly surfer. Prostate operation, appendix operation, and an inguinal hernia operation. Came about his back pain, trouble with his yoga, and surfing......but where did all the above body drama come from??? Oh yeah fell out of a tree as a toddler, started surfing early and had plenty of stitches in the head.

The whole body is connected, its not just structural or physiological, its emotional and its also connected by time to your history....accidents produce scars.

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