Parkinson's On line client....'let's Zoom"


On line client....'let's Zoom" All they wanted to be was better, and that was the idea. Better than now, getting better every day, “yes we can do that”

"let's simply make every joint, every muscle reactivate"

We went through the series of steps the body does to trigger connection, we made each joint and muscle re-sequence to the joints and muscles on either side of itself.

We further upgraded the patterns so that our body behaves as a true quadruped.

Without physically walking we triggered the vestibular system to upgrade.

We then upgraded the Vestibular Occular Reflex to access the amygdala of the survival systems, and then the reticular acivating system, this creates awarness and higher connectivity, bringing on detail and focus... Now we have access to more and more subcortical structures....lets get the neuromodulators to reorganise themselves better and rebuild those pathways.

Your natural and hugely upgraded movements will create the rewiring, we have triggered a massive neuroplasticity response

This is all evidence based, literature reviewed knowledge, lets use it.

How do you feel? ' umm better, I feel light as if the weight of the world has been removed"

Cool, now you are on the way. Treat it like play, play to get better at what you naturally do.

All you have to do is practice and practice, your body hates to fail, it loves to learn, simple really teach it to do things better

#Parkinsons #dementia #neuroplasticity #neuroscience #totalbodyintegration

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