Just Too Much Happening!!

This week I had a series of clients that have had a very busy life...too much fun or too much work.

Whether it was work or play, these four clients had a history of accidents. I explain to them it isn't the accident its the surprise to the body that causes the concern.

If you get a scare, your body has to respond with either fight or flight, but if the body also involves an impact, like a car accident, a push bike fall, being knocked over by a cow, a hit in the head by your brother , and then there is sporting impacts.

In these cases the body gets an emotional scare, but the physical body has to respond. Now the physical body is muscle, the joints and the fascia. Attached to the physical structural body is the physiological systems.

With these clients too many accidents created too many responses and the body was in a state of hyper sensitivity. The body was screaming out for help.

Some clients had massive pain in some places Others had massive sensitivity in multiple places. None of these people were in the early stages of their life.

So what needed to be addressed or defaulted. Structures like muscle, joint fascia....certainly Physiological systems such as the adrenals, immune, digestive, and their neurological connections....thats a yes Emotional survivals....certainly

Thinking too has to be compromised, so that too.

The important thing is get the client to feel different, and in a better way, and feel that there is progress.

Medication cannot solve all the above, for the body has to heal itself, and it needs the whole physiological systems to be doing their jobs correctly.

For the body is not designed to do things badly, getting better requires the emotional survival systems to firstly recognise failure. They will default and calmness is felt.

Secondly structural systems need to be given something better than what they have been doing. They will default back to primordial patterns. But they need teaching and continual practice. This is the feeling that client gets of being better, taller straighter stronger.

Thirdly the physiological systems need to be defaulted and cross referenced against each other. With this there is a feeling of vitality, improved energy

If that box that brain is in, is in a happier box, then the ability of the brain to play ping pong within itself can at last be dealt with. With this there is a greater alertness, a feeling of empowerment and better acuity.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes time, patience and more than just one tool to get that body to become better and better and better.

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