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A Snapshot from 1st Workshop :Total Body Integration ©

Twenty participants undertook an immersion into this workshop. "how can I upgrade my body to work better"

1. What are the fundamental patterns of the body, how do I access them, use then to correct and then install something better.

2. Can I use the fundamental patterns to access and upgrade into my major systems...digestive, immune, thyroid, adrenals and sleep?

3. How do i upgrade my body with something as simple as walking ?

4. Can I access the fight and flight systems, reset it and gain control of my emotions.

5. What do I do each day to get better and Better and BETTER????

6. How do introduce this into my yoga, my running, my gym, my day to day

#selfheal #upgrade #mobility #yogatherapy

#biophysicist #neurophysiologist #educator #kinesiologist#appliedPhysiologist #yogateacher #therapist

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