Kids Issues

Kids and " Things are Just Not Quite Right"

I watch people move, I watch the walk. Is it a comfortable, an easy walk or it just isn't Simple as that. Its right or it is wrong.

I make it analogous to a clock movement. Is it a good clock or is it missing something.

Like a clock the body has cogs and any cog will influence the clock, it will slow it down and make it hard to move.

So I look for blind spots in the axes of movement Up is an 'Y' axis Across is a 'X' axis Rotation would be a 'Z" axis

These two boys look heavy, they are being held hard into the ground. A 'Y' axis Legs don't lift, feet drag on the ground, the eyes are down cast, the head is heavy

There is no drive of the arms, the hips don't swagger. The feet don't roll in and out at the ankle The shoulders roll forward and slump This is the horizontal movements the 'X" axis

There is a lack in rotation Arms don't swing down from shoulder to the hands As there is a lack of propulsion through the toes into the feet...again the hips can't lift.

I check these patterns, there is so many fails. These boys bodies were never set up correctly The body didn't teach itself correctly. Milestones of development were interrupted.

Something or somethings happened in the bodies history. Maybe a challenge at birth or a toddler event But it doesn't matter. The body's inability to do things well gives it away.

A lack of co-ordination A loss of power Weakness Clicking of joints and pain. A difference in symmetry of body shape.

In both cases it was about, correct and reinstall. 1. We dont like failure, certainly your body certainly wasnt designed too, and it doesn't like it. So test and test and test and test and test....strong is good, weak is wrong, a fail. But repeated weals are fails and the survival systems get a wake up call. “ I’m wrong” 2. Correct in patterns and correct in subsystems of patterns. Throw a spanner in the systems, by putting conflict of patterns against pattern.......for Ligament, tendon, muscle, and the fascia. All are important. 3. Put the body back together in respect to patterns Primal ----> Primitive----> Kinetic Chains ------> Walking Patterns. 4. Teach technique of limbic survial calming, and breath concepts

Get the client to understand, they were not wrong, the body was being distracted. It needs to be retaught how to do things better, it will not hold, there must be continual practice,better first and better and better makes perfect. Neurological connection first and then hard wired.

Don't practice the body will fail, don't practice straight away, it has no option but to go back to a hard wired pattern. Simple, don't get distracted, its too easy to lose it. We chose to be an 'A" but the average in society is a 'C" The body is not designed to be average, it is exceptionally good at what it can do, but it needs to be taught.

If you are good at something, you wanted to be good at it. Choose to get better.

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