Jaw Issues but it Could be... Tinnitus, Headaches Migraines

For some its the Jaw, others my Smile but it could be Tinnitus, Headaches, My Squint, my Voice

"Look closely look for a

non-symmetrical face." Put your finger in your mouth, run your finger along your palate......a good palate is like the dome of a church. A buckled palate suggests something has happened.

This is common. Some clients have a mal-tracking jaw, it may click. But why? That jaw you can use to suspend yourself from a rope, it can crack nuts, bones, and take the lid of a beer. If you are bitten by someone you know about it. You could lose a finger if you put it in someone's mouth.

Since it is so powerful, your body can take a little bit of its power and use it for other stuff. Like helping to hold your head on, and pull your body to one side. It is so powerful it can buckle the palate that sits above it. Little ones, young babies can lock their jaw down as they are born if their birth is a bit of a challenge. That palate will experience a force and can vector up, or fold over at its suture. In saying all of that, the crooked smile, the non-symmetrical face arises because the jaw is doing something more than its normal function. But it will cause influence all over the place.

Move your jaw to one side, it pulls your eyes, your throat and your shoulder, but also your hip your knee your feet.... Pull it back and bingo...lots of stuff is influenced.

So I ask about history, tell me about your birth, did you have a toddler event, what about a substantial accident. How about a car, or a horse fall, a surfing accident.

Your skull, it has a lot of bones, a lot of joints and they do move, not a lot just a bit, yet they work as a team so they do things together....but it is later when you notice, a lot of the time they have been locked down.

Now your face shape will change. The nose may bend, cheekbones may be out of alignment, eyes, and ears too. When this happens, headaches, tinnitus, lazy eyes, sinus issues, and snoring can occur. Structure changes, affect muscle, nerve, and blood flow. At the head, but neck, shoulder, hand...look just about everywhere. All must be cleared, all must reset and reinstall correctly. That body is a team, and that team works best as a proper team. You have 360 joints in total, with ligaments holding them together but moved by muscles, 550 of them. Get them to follow the rules, #TMJ #clickingjaw #totalbodyintergration #tinnitus #sorethoat #thyroidtrouble

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