I think I'm In Adrenal Stress


Client "I think it may be adrenal stress"

Lets have a look at how your body is doing.... Ummmm its not moving very well, yep its not moving as well as it should.... it will be stressed, which bit, all of it and all levels

Yeah you are stressed. Your body just can’t express itself properly

You can't have a spring with out two ends. Thus the effect into the layers of what you are Structurally stressed....physiological stressed....emotions stressed.

You can't have cause without effects.

How does you body feel about this "Its As If Your Body Thinks Its Being Chased By A Lion"

A client asked if I could work on her stress, she had been told she had adrenal stress.

My comment to her was that she must have had a very serious event or series of events for the body to stay in a heightened state of " be prepared for action"

Discussion of physical events, brought up car accident resulting in whip lash, a good fall, and a scooter accident in Bali. There was a series of emotional events including being a long way from home and ......

Checking body found whip lash still present, concussion and the body had set up a scoliotic muscle dysfunction at thoracic and lumber regions, but the list went on and on.....irrelevant really, its not about what you have, its what you cannot do!!!

If you can make the body realise what it's doing is inadequate it will reboot to an original program. Our body especially our brain is designed to learn. Make it fail it will find a better way.

So reset all the above and reboot major muscle systems. Now the biochemistry can be checked.

Adrenals medulla and cortical, out, effects upon thyroid, immune, reproductive. So reset reboot and reinstall. Cross referencing against all and wipe emotions that are irrelevant.

Homewokr, simple give the body something that will create better patterns But structural and Physiological and Emotional and work on the subtle stuff too. That is if you want a more thorough change you must engage it your own health. You can’t get stronger you can’t stretch or lengthen if the team is not on the paddock and playing the same game. Give methods to calm that body down, and so keep it out of stress

Later discussion with a smiling client gave feedback of an excellent 12 hour sleep, yoga so much easier and feelings of anxiety and overwhelm ness all gone. Another visit will install muscle kinetic sequences and check for minor biochemical issues.

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