Hormonal Trouble

How Do I Help myself

.... Start at the control centres first

Clients over the last couple of weeks, came with a plethora of issues, but many the time hormonal trouble is present Sleep, period, pregnancy, toilet, stress, endometriosis

Again, each client has many symptoms, posture could be better, joint pain, walking pain, loss of power in the hands.

Everything of your body is attached and then it works as one!!

So I always telll them, you must reset your body daily and put it back together to be better than what it was

Here is what I go through to make sure the master control endocrine structures are sitting in a nice and mobile skull with a big play area.

But I make it obvious, " you want to get better, if you were playing a guitar if you only played the same song and only the same won't get better in playing the guitar, only playing that song"

So you must upgrade all of what your body is, and I show them, I teach them, and I give them videos

1. Calm the body down....get it out of fight and flight, this is the terror the anxiousness, the depression. Dont just talk the talk, physically get the breath to calm, get the emotions to calm. 2. Reset those cranial joints , reset the eyes, upgrade the jaw, the total fascial relationships of the head. 3. Reset and install the fundamental mobility patterns 4. Upgrade your walking patterns, it will upgrade and correct your posture.

Obviously if you are ambivalent or complacent about anything in your will you ever get better? But do a bit, practice, you get better, put effort into it and look how far you can go

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