Headache, Migraine, Neck Pain

Posterior Head and Neck Pain

How's your head 'I haven't had a headache since I saw you"

Was it occcipital neuralgia, tension headache or was it compression of blood vessels or was it joint compression or overactive muscles.

I get asked what did you find. Hundreds of things were wrong, its never about just one thing.

Yes to all of was about finding what is not working and why. Correct all that is wrong don't beat up the little guy asking for help,. "something is wrong please help me...and that means above, below, and in front of the pain. Relate what is failing to what causes the pain.....yes, yes, Yes, YEs, ......YES @#$@#@$

Check for concussion, whiplash, eye dysfunction, sinus issue, hyoid and jaw trouble....yes all were wrong.

It all adds up....and you live in that scenario, no wonder you feel like crap.

But you must must must put the correct patterns back together, your body will not do it. Then you must slowly and mindfully teach yourself to be better each day.

Check in each morning, and reset yourself...and again during the day. You see cats do it, you see dogs do think its cute and they are having a nice stretch....then they trot, then they run.... Its instinctive and you try and do it, but something is missing....lets teach you so you can reteach your body to do what use to be so easy when you were a bit younger

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