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Stop looking at the tree, look at the forest.

For clients that I see, it may be a problem, for some its the biggest dilemma they have....but not usually.

See, your not a maybe upset but it’s not the only problem So you think about micro nutrients, vagal stimulation, gut--brain interaction, all of this is good. You are not just a gut!!!! Usually its an addendum to a plethora of visual clues What else isn't working as well as it should.

I get the " my back is killing me, and I can't breath and I have gastric reflux.....and my shoulders just ache, and bunions, and knee issues" or " I have endometriosis, and my back hurts, and I labor with my breathing, stiff neck and I am constipated" or " I have IBS, but my back is always sore, flat feet and plantar fascitiis , stiff neck, jaw clicks , uncontrollable emotions, etc...

Yesterday, a client major issues were knees, and back.....but I keep gathering symptoms. I find gastric reflux, but so much was not working correctly in his body he had to hold his breath to maintain posture, maintain strength.

1. HIs diaphragm was on all the time, it was so tight, it occluded the ability of food to travel down his gastric reflux, heart burn. Upset one valve you upset the others 2. His intercostals were so on all the time, his tidal breath was small, but these muscles are accessory muscles for your thoracic and cervical rotation, so his neck couldn't rotate, so the jaw stepped up and now influenced his digestion. Result....Constipation.

So is it chicken or the egg...its both.

Another time last week, endometriosis major issue. But where did it come from and what influence did it certainly effected gut health. Attachments at ileocoecal and Houston valve....toilet issue.

Another time, a person comes with asthma...again I ask ' What do you mean, do you mean you have problems with your breathing" obviously its a yes. But saying you have asthma doesn't tell you where it came from.

But the effects of not being able to breath means the diaphragm, the intercostals, the accessory breathing muscles are not able to do their job properly, are they trying to work above their pay grade...who else isn't working properly. So maybe ...the forest is out, not just one tree. The ramifications will influence in time everything yes this person body will manifest some digestive issue. It maybe small, firstly the body is a bit stressed, it influences the immune system and then the digestive system and they become intolerant to a food.

So where does the digestive issues come from? Its in your history of your body. What accidents happened to you...

A baby has to breath, its one of the first things it does But not the first, it has to get out of mum. If its birth is challenged if it is put under stress, it has to lock and protect itself....not much movement happens in a new born, closes its eyes Hard, it locks its jaw and cries then breaths, but if it jaw is still slightly locked what is that jaw attached to...breathing and digestion

Oh no....the digestive system is attached to that jaw. If it stays in stress, stress effects the immune system which influences the digestive system. Digestive system also works backwards on the immune system and the some of the ramifications of digestion arise from your birth.

Is everything connected....funny that, its a big yes.

Yes what influences do you have on your body 1. the choice of food you can yes pay attention 2. your is your pasture, how is your walking patterns....

So with all my clients....yes I alway say " I need to reset your digestive system' but there are issues that need to be addressed before that.

Your digestive system is attached to many structures. Firstly your jaw, and the other end. It is also attached to our spine It is attached to your skull It is attached to all your endocrine systems.

All must be correct. Your responsibility...chose well what you eat Take it seriously, the movement patterns I give you. Its not just about " a good stretch, or Ill go for a run, a bit of yoga, a bit of gym work"

If you don't have good movement patterns it will become evident in you falling apart.

Your body cannot violate the second law of thermodynamics...."everything becomes a mess or enters chaos", but it tries really really hard not too. It just needs your help. Be an A student. Become an Olympic champion not just a gut.

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