Eyes and Eye Troubles

Maybe, don't call it weak, maybe something is wrong. Then why is it doing this?? Is it over protecting itself from something Why can’t it go that way?

Understand this 1. The eye and the body track each other 2. The eye is a big nerve of the brain 3. So the eye is part of muscle contraction patterns, and skeletal and the fascia, but it’s one big nerve ending

This child’s eye just didn't like going left But that was not all that didn’t like the left There was a weak arm, it couldn’t lift , up or out Then there was an unequal arm swing Body also couldn’t activate correctly on the left Weak in rotation

Oh but he is right handed…ummm yes, but that is true and part of the problem Think this way, the right side was deactivating the left side History was, challenged birth Toddler stuff Kid stuff

But the whole cranial fascia locked right, Nasal sinus locked right side, sphenoid locked right Anyway as said the RHSIDE was deactivating the Left but don’t just think in one plane, think 3D and then in a forward movement

So we reactivated the up axis the Y first, then the whole X axis then the rotational axis the Z Then installed and overlapped into a movement a walking and made the gait upgrade the whole lot…essentially make the body shift gear into higher and higher patterns So make that body relearn what it should do, it’s designed to learn thus get better, not find compensations.

Critical thinking, if the body is tested and tested for failure then test within the framework of Number 1. So if the body and the eye do not track each other, then that is wrong, it discombombulates and violates a rule. There will be a shimmer a loss of connection and BINGO..correct now. Trick it trigger make that brain learn, and now we can get better #eye #eyeexercises #eyetroubles #nystagmus #stabismus

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