Eye Issues

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Problem Eyes

Look closer, they are not the only symptom of the whole body, there is a lot happening. Look at the symmetry of the face, its subtle but the face will have a slight skew.

For the eyes to be in trouble, the body is needing to use them for other stuff, essentially they are working way above their pay grade It’s subtle , but, those eyes it can only get worse.

I don’t call it, “ you have a lazy eye, or crazy eyes or a weak eye” Stuff works or something is wrong.

This last two weeks, many clients had an issue with their eyes. Nystagamus, lazy eye, or ‘yeah, one eye is stronger than the other”

When you ask about the history of their body, the greatest eye issues had huge events to their body as a toddler, a new born, or a young chikld

Forcep delivery Electrocuted Face plant Fell onto the back of my head.

But soon after there were other events Car accidents, roll over, side swiped Big falls Hit in the head.

You knock your head, your eyes automatically close, and you move away from the hit.

1. If the body does not reset itself back perfectly which you always assume it will, then you are always slightly ducking down, moving away from the pain and closing your eyes.

2. You also exist in 3 dimensions, X,Y,Z if your body does not reset itself correctly it will adjust the whole body with a slightly different symmetry.

3. Also do you realize, 6 out of 7 people are right handed…the body favours the right hand side, if it does not reset correctly it will default slightly to the right. Where, every where, a bit of trouble everywhere..."oh my left side press is sightly weeker, or my single leg stance, I'm better on the right or II'm tighter on the right side, or my right hip is tighter than my left.

Thus the issues we all get…as we age.

These clients all had similar issues, but they were everywhere. Concussion, whiplash, rounded shoulders, pronated hands and flat feet. Problem knees, tilted hips, lower back pain and a pain between the shoulders, sinus's, breath……and something not quite right with the eyes.

When you look at the face, the nose is slightly off centre, same with the jaw, and the cheek bones, and feeling the skull its more tender on the right side.

They all have medical symptoms, and a plethora of them. Yes, they ae all human and all designed the same with essentially the identical (to six decimal places) genetic make up .

It wasn’t then about finding the magic point to fix the eyes. There was heaps happening.

The intentions was to overwrite the survival systems that are holding that body in so many compensations. Overwhelm those subcortical limbic centres….demonstrate to the body that itself is inadequate.

Then begin the 100’s and 100’s of corrections. The body follows rules, and patterns. Use them to assist.

If the patterns fail then they are wrong, wrong gives you symptoms.

Correct and give the body better patterns Give the owner of this body better patterns and symptoms begin to disappear.

Stop chasing the pain. #nystagamus #lazyeyes

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