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I have Asthma

No its not...'what, I was told I have asthma, I even have medication for it!'

So we tested for what failed, what did not work and when this person had to hold their breath

1. Pulled at his head, he couldn't hold it but...he held his breath 2. Pushed at his head, he couldn't resist but...he held his breath 3. Pushed at his chest, he couldn't resist but...he held his breath 4. Pushed his hips, not couldn't resist...he held his breath 5. Tested a rotation..he couldn't resist, but he held his breath.

Did you have a few accidents...'Well no more than anyone else. Played footie, rode a bike, surfed....'

Do you do them now. NOOOOOOO....I can't, I can't even get up the stairs properly.

So I asked a simple question. Is this the same body shape you had as a sportsperson.

Noooooo, look at me.

1. we all have accidents. 2. we all knock our head, and heaps!! 3. accidents add up. 4. accidents slowly take you and your team of movement parts out of the game.

What is the one team of your body that never can have a rest? Your lung your breath and your heart.....

Your body shape changes much as that axiom, don't use it you lose it...but you are losing players off your team and so your shape changes....but you must breath.

So what you are doing is having to hold your breath a little bit more to help each player that you dont have.

How do we get around that Reset the team, bring everyone back onto the paddock, which is what we did.

Took him out of concussion, out of whiplash Reset his posture his walking pattern Rebooted his feet to hands in their swing

Wow....i feel great, I'm fas, I'm strong, I feel 20 years younger.

But can you breath.....Woooooo.

Now we have to reteach this body to do its movements better. It can breath easier that's for sure #asthma #breathbetter #bettereveryday #concussion #whiplash #totalbodyintegration #appliedneuroscience #appliedphysiology #appliedkinesiology #neurophysiologist #nktperth #nktwesternaustralia

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