Multiple Symptoms not just breathing issues 1. Laboured Breath, 2. Elevated Blood Pressure 3. Loss of Fitness 4. Vertigo 6. High Heart Rate

What are the structures that attach to that chest of yours'? Its the Muscles...and all of them are breathing muscles.

I want you to this...swing your arms, what happens to your breath, it becomes longer and larger in volume.

Now try to walk but don't swing your is very difficult to breath

Follow my logic, 1. if you don't swing your arms your breath is laboured. 2. The breath and the heart are intertwined as one, if your breath is difficult your heart will have to upgrade itself 3. If you cant swing your arms, you cannot synchronise a good swing of the legs, you have lost the lovely flow of the gait. 4. But if the arms don't swing, its not your fault, your body has done this to itself 5. If the arms don't swing, the body doesn't want them to swing...something happened to you, maybe an accident of some form.

You will be in concussion and whiplash

If the arms cannot swing, the muscles that move the arms have been neurologically disconnected and the influences are huge.. your breath is effected, so is your heart rate, you will have sore shoulders, a stiff neck, a sore lower back, and a tight jaw.

The course of action is to find what is not working and reset everything to come back on.

Then recreate the correct patterns of mobility and movement.

With a correct arm and leg swing the breath improves but so do many other systems too.

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