Anxiety and Depression

" thank you, thank you...I can see and I feel so much more....its like a veil has been lifted"

I said to this client, do not confuse the stresses, the emotions, the thinking patterns of the body with who you are.

You can chose to do things, you can be who you are, but how good you do things is totally dependent on how well your body is working.

I filmed her walking I asked her walk backwards I asked her to try and resist me when I pushed and I pulled her

How do you feel when you see this walking? How do you feel when I push and pull you around?

' I feel as if I'm falling apart"

Nahhhh...thats not you falling apart, its your body calling out for help. The emotions, the pain, the poor patterns is all about your body.

Lets get the whole team to be strong, and learn to play together again. We need you better, but better than what you are much better depends on getting that body stronger, and working as wel as it can on all levels.

Better and better each day....a journey of a 100 miles begins with a single step, but be patient be deliberate, encourage your body to be better

The history of this ladies body was a big history A troubled birth A busy little toddler A go get em attitude Lots of sport, but accidents in sport Car, horse falls A mother and troubled deliveries More accidents.

Everything added up....the global effects produced a very worried and over protective was protecting itself from the lady who lived in it.

The history effected the structural, the physiological, the emotional, so yes the hormones, yes the neurology, yes blood pressure, and yes the ability to think.

" do you honestly think, taking medication will influence your posture, your walk. What about doing mindfulness, or having a lovely chat every week alleviate the total body pain?????"

But get the body to reset itself Get the body to re-pattern on all levels Get the whole body to be a good team and play properly together Then see what you can do better.

Everything you are is genetic, the body created also did this to itself, it was programmed to do this for its own survival.

The first thing is to get the body to recognise that what it is doing is wrong......find the FAILS, test and test and test and test. Overwhelm it.

Then methodically find the cause and deal with the symptoms.........100's and 100's Clear the emotional survival concepts Reset the physiology Reset the hormones Reset the subcortical layering of that brain.

Then put you back together. Give the body something better than what it was doing, but on all levels every day , be deliberate, be methodical, now to me that’s being mindful.

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