Cranial Trauma

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

"Nope, never knocked my head, nope no head trauma" You're kidding me......Maybe I think you don’t realize or maybe you have forgotten

Firstly Not once have I ever not found a first-time client without some cranial trauma

Secondly Those cranial bones, and there are 22 of them, they reciprocate with the pelvic girdle and also the feet

All of those structures reciprocate, they are in harmony, you upset one it will reciprocate which means the effects are up and back, then again up and back, up and back…..and, yes you get the point, you are very, very inter-connected

So I ask 1. Were you born??? Was it a good birth...any challenges to you?

Your head impacts on mum's cervix, the head pushes many people have a tender spot on the top right of the head. Thus a challenged birth. You hit your head it effects the eyes the sinuses ,the palate and the jaw, but do it inside mum and we have trouble.

Next, so we get many caesarians, WA has the highest incidence of caesars in the whole world. The World average is 22%, Perth is 37.8%, some hospitals in Perth exceed 60%. The average is going up, not down….. Those cranial’s are spring loaded for a reason, the actual birth compresses and then they reset....both steps are important. Assisted births, a great palce to grab is the head. Sure it sometimes just t has to be done....its the ramifications I see...and don't say ' ahhhh, they'll be fine'. A meta analysis of C-section deliveries have found a higher rate of chronic disorders, asthma, immune issues compared to a vaginal birth.

2. Were you a toddler? Did you knock your head? That noggin that you own it's massive, and as a toddler that head seams to get its the way all the bump it, you knock it, you walk into things, some how people they naturally throw things to you….here catch....oh, no it hit you in the head.

3. Did you do sport? Did you hit your head or did someone hit you hard? Did you fall on it, Did you get crashed into the ground

Sport many the times requires the body to stop or be stopped very suddenly, maybe in a fall or into someone. This action jars the body, but the densest part of your body is your head. The momentum and the impulse of a sudden arrest instigates a potential concussion and a whiplash.

4. What about riding a horse, a car, your tricycle, a skateboard, a surfboard, a car accident.

It doesn’t take long, the client gets the picture.

Why can't you do hard impact sport for too long? Yes its about time, its not about age. The times you have had serious accidents decimates your body due the simple harmonic resonance of the 'cause to effect, cause to effect cause to effect', it all just adds up.

One accident impacts everywhere, multiple accidents has huge repercussions, maybe they are all little, but then you have a MASSIVE one.

Now start to think of the carry on effects into the physiology and the hormones, into anxiety and depression. Everything is connected, everything is effected. As you get older, it all gets harder to dp things that were so easy before.

So deal with everything Get everything that is not working to work again. But then, how do you look after it. For me, thats magic question.....the client needs to realize its not about exercise, its about creating better habits. Habits that sequence the body correctly....... everything must be taught to play together again.

The body gets better, better at what it does....winding the clock backwards, you keep it there.

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