Shoulder Trouble

SURFING....its my shoulder. 'No its not, its not about your shoulder, there is a whiplash, a concussion and your shoulder is reacting and trying to help"

This client was both a yoga and surfing chick... the trouble wasn't in the paddling, it was getting up onto her feet.

In demonstrating ' show me getting up' She collapsed Couldn't get her arms to push, couldn't get leading leg forward but also her body would fall to the left Your whole left side is out...its gone out for lunch, and just not participating correctly, there is no strength there. The left side was deactivated.....but you could see it.

The whole body works as one. Both arms work together Both legs work together and that head requires the arms to be a team. If the team is not a full team, something caused it, and poor habits of movement are created.

She had concussion, she had a whiplash, she was slightly stooped, twisted and not much but to me, exceptionally obvious in her posture and her movements.

For this lady it was get that skull to be self supportive so it didn't need to ask for help from the neck the upper back and shoulders.

I can't correct one shoulder without doing the other, they are a team on their own....she would have asked anyway, the corrected shoulder would become the better one and demanded the other to be fixed.

Both legs are one, in pushing into the board to get up requires the core and hop flexors to pull the leading leg forward. So one cannot work well without the other, so do both.

So many other things improved, core pelvic floor, so heaps more awareness and control. To keep all of this on its about creating better habits...just do your homework.

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