Errors In Our Mobility: "what is missing"

CLIENT .....”I'm Just Wrong I feel Everything Is Not Quite Right."

You assume you have control but your body does everything, it just does it, it doesn't ask your permission, it doesn't have time.

You don't control your heart, you don't control your digestion, sure you choose to eat and what you eat, but not how you process it. you don’t choose to breath, you just have a very limited breath influence, as you do with your posture and your walking.

So lets look closer

Clients come with their symptoms. They know something isn't right. For this I telll them, 'yep, your body is asking for help"

Pain is an indicator, 'this is not my job, please do something about it” But for this to occur, there must be a lot of extra stuff happening. Its like a duck swimming or a glacier, there is a lot happening underwater or in the background.

The body can only give you so much input, if it informed you of everything that is happening, you would not achieve anything.

Walking is a great indicator of issues. Because multiple events are happening at once. Its like a clock, a good clock or a troubled clock. Is it a good walk or a walk with difficulty

As a clock is made up of cogs, so are you. But these cogs of yours' have dimensional planes like you learnt in school....up and down, side to side and rotation, all at once.

So think of shoulders, elbows, hands as 3 cogs. Go vertically, head, upper back, shoulder blades, the thoracic spine,, then the lower back the lumber, then hips, knees and feet.

If you watch the clock movement you will see the failure or lack of expression in the cogs.

Both bodies look heavy. The vertical cogging cannot go up ..cranial compression, cervical compression, lumbar compression core is off, as is the pelvic floor, eyes cannot go up, hip flexors and toe extensors off. Calves hurt, lower back pain, flat feet created, stiff neck, sore shoulders.

No swagger, no shimmy in the hips, head has lost some movement. The horizontal axis is off. The feet are like a duck, no swing of the arms, hands facing backwards. So stiff hips, sore stiff ankles, loss of power in the hands. Creating more flat no supination in hands and feet Again more loss of hip flexors, a difficulty in putting socks on shoes on

Now no rotation of arms, no shoulder movement, no rolling of the feet. Loss of rotation, no true propulsion of the feet. Cannot create true pronation of hand or feet. Hands will be sore as will the feet. Core activation is back locks down hard, creates the sway back, the kyphosis at the thoracic spine. Jaw locks hard, eyes lock down wards, as does the cheek bones.

So where did this come from...enjoying life and having accidents simple as that.

These all help but never is one enough. so its not about increasing your magnesium or wearing inner soles or your vagal nerve or lets go Keto Maybe its you psoas were designed over millions of years, its much more interesting than that.

History has to be cleared in relation to each cog If the clock is upset, so are the systems, the endocrine the hormones that attach to it. So are the emotions that attach to a problem clock. You are not depressed or anxious you have a crappy clock!! The body is upset not you but you're in it.

The muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, the fascia all have to be upgraded to do their own job. Find what is not working that connects cog to cog.

The cool so cool thing which must be obvious is that the body follows rules...cog rules, muscle rules, tendon, joints, ligaments and the fascia. So use them.

Correct find the cause and deal with it Reset and then reinstall firstly a better cog.

Then join the cogs together to make a better clock. Again rules....

Then you only have to follow the rules but... Be deliberate in how you move, how you walk, use the rules

TO be better requires your effort and your patience.

Next session: attached to that structural deficit of a body are your systems thorugh to your hormones. How is your digestion, your sleep, your immune system, headaches, breathing What is not connected to each other??

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